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"One way to think of schema is as a way of describing and organizing information about entities in a machine-readable way."
    -- Bill Slawski
"Winning does not always mean being first. Winning means you are doing better than you have ever done before."
    -- Bonnie Blair
"Workarounds are a euphemism for bugs."
    -- Shaun Scruton
"I feel that people take you as serious as you take yourself. I spent a lot of time working on my craft, developing my style, and after I came out of my little incubation I promised that I would pay attention to detail."
    -- Brandon Paak Anderson
"Ego clouds and disrupts everything."
    -- Leif Babin
"Overconfidence was risky in such a hostile environment, a mistake most often made by warriors who had never truly been tested."
    -- Jocko Willink
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
    -- Steve Jobs
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
    -- Steve Jobs
"Good leaders do not make excuses. Instead, they find a way to get it done."
    -- Leif Babin
"To build a strong team, you must see someone else's strength as a complement to your weakness and not a threat to your position or authority."
    -- Christine Caine

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Real riches are the riches possessed inside.

I am never afraid of what I know.

The state exists for man, not man for the state. The same may be said of science. These are old phrases, coined by people who saw in human individuality the highest human value. I would hesitate to repeat them, were it not for the ever recurring danger that they may be forgotten, especially in these days of organization and stereotypes.

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.

The Godfather was without a doubt, my biggest ticket anywhere. I mean that literally.

He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.

With this new structure we plan to implement segment reporting for our Q4 results, where Google financials will be provided separately than those for the rest of Alphabet businesses as a whole.

Hillary Clinton represents a third term of a failed presidency.

I gesticulate too much.

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