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"The performance is as much yours as it is mine."
    -- Harry Mack
"The thing about New York is no matter who you are, you are not that important."
    -- Lorne Michaels
"Many of your customers are planning on leaving you, but they are not going to tell you."
    -- Donald Feinberg
"It is right to be inquisitive, but it is just wrong to start an inquisition."
    -- Andrew Shultz

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"Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity."
    -- Louis Holtz
"I still remember the day I got my first check to turn pro as a player... We won our first championship, and I got a check for 12 dollars. It was a dollar a game. But that's what technically made us pro. That was before the time when you could take a picture of the check and keep it. It was either you cash it or you keep it, so I kept it."
    -- Jennifer Welter
"Freedom is just Chaos, with better lighting."
    -- Alan Dean Foster

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