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"If somebody tells you that there is a rule, break it. That is the only thing that moves things forward."
    -- Hans Zimmer
"If you have a story you can do whatever you want to do."
    -- Hans Zimmer
"Stories are just data with a soul."
    -- Brene Brown
"Everyone you interact with is changed forever. The only questions are how will they be different, and how different will they be?"
    -- Seth Godin

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"A man who builds his own pedestal had better use strong cement."
    -- Anna Quindlen
"Don't overlook the importance of worldwide thinking. A company that keeps its eye on Tom, Dick, and Harry is going to miss Pierre, Hans, and Yoshio."
    -- Al Ries
"If you want to read about love and marriage, you have to buy two separate books."
    -- Alan King

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Alfred Lord Tennyson Quotes

...For the unquiet heart and brain,
A use in measured language lies.
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Ah Christ, that it were possible For one short hour to see The souls we loved, that they might tell us What and where they be.Get Image

Ah, what shall I be at fifty,
should nature keep me alive,
if I find the world so bitter
when I am but twenty-five?
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Believing where we cannot prove.Get Image

Cast all your cares on God; that anchor holds.Get Image

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