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"If somebody tells you that there is a rule, break it. That is the only thing that moves things forward."
    -- Hans Zimmer
"If you have a story you can do whatever you want to do."
    -- Hans Zimmer
"Stories are just data with a soul."
    -- Brene Brown
"Everyone you interact with is changed forever. The only questions are how will they be different, and how different will they be?"
    -- Seth Godin

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"In the vast reaches of the dry, cold night, thousands of stars were constantly appearing, and their sparkling icicles, loosened at once, began to slip gradually toward the horizon."
    -- Albert Camus
"A penny saved is a penny earned."
    -- Benjamin Franklin
"Leaders hold the position of power or authority but those who lead, inspire us."
    -- Simon Sinek

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James Urbaniak Quotes

On SNL in the '70s it was a joke that a conservative would call a female opponent a slut. Now it's an official Republican talking point.Share Image

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